Volume & Issue: Volume 64, Issue 3, September 2024 
Monitoring soil productivity using Remote sensing and GIS techniques in El- Qaliobia Governorate, Egypt

Pages 715-730

Wael Ahmed Abdel Kawy; Batool Adel Abd El-Aziz; Ali Abd El-Hameed Abd El-Hady; Rafat Ramadan Ali

Sequence of Soil Organic Carbon through the Silvicultural Development Method (MDS) in temperate forests of Durango, Mexico

Pages 731-738

Erik Orlando Luna Robles; Francisco Javier Hernandez; Israel Cantu Silva; Silvia Janeth Bejar Pulido; Tilo Gustavo Dominguez Gomez

Eco-Friendly Solutions: Integrating Wild Vegetables for Sustainable Agriculture Food Security and Human Health

Pages 739-756

Shipra Singh Parmar; Impa HR; Ramesh Kumar; Abhishek Singh; Aleksandr Yesayan; Vishnu D. Rajput; Tatiana Minkina; Karen Ghazaryan; Hassan El-Ramady

Biological Application of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Created by Green Method

Pages 757-775

Mohamed A. Abdelhady; Tarek M. Abdelghany; Sonya H. Mohamed; Salah A. Abdelhamed

Exploring the Potential Nutritional Benefits of Elements in the Periodic Table for Plants

Pages 791-800

Ayman ElGhamry; Dina A Ghazi; Eman Rashwan; mohamed atef elsherpiny; Dina Lokman

Biodegradation of Dimethoate 40% by Bacillus subtilis OQ347968 Isolated from Polluted soils

Pages 801-814

Moustafa Shalaby; Shimaa Ibrahim; Alaa El-Dein Omara; Mohamed A. S. Abdelrazek

Effect of Organic Fertilizer and Plant Growth-Promoting Microbes on Growth, Flowering, and Oleanolic Acid Content in Calendula officinalis under Greenhouse Conditions

Pages 815-831

Ramy S. Nada; Mahmoud N.A. Soliman; Mostafa M. Zarad; Mohamed H. Sheta; Shakir Ullah; Alaa I.M. Abdel-Gawad; Ahmed H. Ghoneim; Ahmed A. Elateeq

Enhancing Crop Production: Unveiling the Role of Nanofertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture and Precision Nutrient Management

Pages 981-1007

Karen Ghazaryan; Divya Pandey; Sakshi Singh; Vahagn Varagyan; Athanasios Alexiou; Dimitrios Petropoulos; Athanasios Kriemadis; Vishnu D. Rajput; Tatiana Minkina; Rupesh Kumar Singh; João Ricardo Sousa; Sandeep Kumar; Hassan El-Ramady; Omkar Singh; Abhishek Singh

Efficiency Of Green Synthetic Silver And Iron Nanoparticles Of Acacia nilotica Pods Against Plant Pathogenic Bacteria And Land Snails

Pages 1033-1052

Mohamed Awad Abd-Elraheem; Mahmoud Abou-Alhmd Soliman; Ayman Said Bashandy; Waled Abd-Elhamed; Gamal Saleh Alfawal; Mohammed Ahmed Elshaer

Sustainable Agriculture as Influenced by Landform in Qena Governorate, Egypt

Pages 1121-1138

Mohamed Ahmed Elsaid Saeed; Ahmed Ibrahim El-Desoky; Yasser A. Sayed

Soil thematic mapping as the base for agricultural development in the Northwestern Coast, Egypt

Pages 1165-1178

ESSAM ELDINE M TEALAB; Kholoud M. Abdelmaksoud; Rafat Ramadan Ali; EL-Sayed I. Gaber

Foliar Application of Nano-NPK in Combination with Nano-Micronutrients for Growth, and Flowering of Tecoma stans L. Plants

Pages 1179-1191

Emam Nofal; Fardous Menesy; Walid M. Abd El-Hady; Eman G. Shehab; Hassan El-Ramady; József Prokisch

Effect of Nano-NPK and Nano-Chitosan Fertilizers on the Growth and Chemical Constituents of Philodendron sellum Plants

Pages 1193-1205

Emam Nofal; Fardous Menesy; Walid M. Abd El-Hady; Eman G. Shehab; Hassan El-Ramady; József Prokisch

Earthworms As An Emerging Biotechnological Intervention in the Mitigation of Microplastics

Pages 1219-1238

Aishwarya Sharma; Shailja Kumar; Abhishek Singh; Ragini Sharma; Vishnu D. Rajput; Hasmik S. Movsesyan; Tatiana Minkina; Rupesh Kumar Singh; Hassan El-Ramady; Karen Ghazaryan

Groundwater suitability for irrigation and domestic use applying CCME WQI model and GIS in East El-Owainat, Egypt

Pages 1239-1258

Ahmed Ali Abdelrhman; Saleh Dabaa; Yasser A. Sayed; Mohamed Kamal; El-Montser Seleem