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The Egyptian Journal of Soil Science (EJSS) is an international free access journal quarterly issued by the Egyptian Society of Soil Science (1950) since 1961 and published by The National Information and Documentation Center (NIDOC), which is affiliated to the  Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT). The Egyptian Journal of Soil Science (EJSS) is archived in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) which provides permanent archiving for Egyptian electronic scholarly journals. It operates a fully open access publishing model which allows open global access to its published content. As from 2016, the journal is published online in four issues (March, June, September and December) per year as well as print. The journal is dedicated to publishing high-quality original research, short communications and review articles in all fields of soil, water and environmental sciences. The topics covered by the journal are soil morphology and micromorphology, soil geography, pedometrics and paleopedology, soil physics and water conservation, soil genesis, classification and remote sensing, soil microbiology, chemistry and biochemistry, digital soil mapping, soil evaluation and land-use changes, soil mineralogy, engineering and technology, soil fertility and plant nutrition, soils, food security and human health, and soil degradation control, remediation and reclamation.


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Special issue on: "Soil and Human Health" by Prof. Dr. Eric C. Brevik, More



Special issue on: "Biochar: A Sustainable Approach to Abiotic Stress Management in Agriculture and Environment" by Dr. Vishnu D. Rajput, More



The Second Announcement 
(ESSS 2024)

The 14th International Conference of ESSS in collaboration with Soil Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Boys, Al-Azhar University, Cairo ... More

Current Issue: Volume 64, Issue 3, September 2024 

Monitoring soil productivity using Remote sensing and GIS techniques in El- Qaliobia Governorate, Egypt

Pages 715-730

Wael Ahmed Abdel Kawy; Batool Adel Abd El-Aziz; Ali Abd El-Hameed Abd El-Hady; Rafat Ramadan Ali

Sequence of Soil Organic Carbon through the Silvicultural Development Method (MDS) in temperate forests of Durango, Mexico

Pages 731-738

Erik Orlando Luna Robles; Francisco Javier Hernandez; Israel Cantu Silva; Silvia Janeth Bejar Pulido; Tilo Gustavo Dominguez Gomez

Eco-Friendly Solutions: Integrating Wild Vegetables for Sustainable Agriculture Food Security and Human Health

Pages 739-756

Shipra Singh Parmar; Impa HR; Ramesh Kumar; Abhishek Singh; Aleksandr Yesayan; Vishnu D. Rajput; Tatiana Minkina; Karen Ghazaryan; Hassan El-Ramady

Biological Application of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Created by Green Method

Pages 757-775

Mohamed A. Abdelhady; Tarek M. Abdelghany; Sonya H. Mohamed; Salah A. Abdelhamed

Exploring the Potential Nutritional Benefits of Elements in the Periodic Table for Plants

Pages 791-800

Ayman ElGhamry; Dina A Ghazi; Eman Rashwan; mohamed atef elsherpiny; Dina Lokman

Biodegradation of Dimethoate 40% by Bacillus subtilis OQ347968 Isolated from Polluted soils

Pages 801-814

Moustafa Shalaby; Shimaa Ibrahim; Alaa El-Dein Omara; Mohamed A. S. Abdelrazek

Effect of Organic Fertilizer and Plant Growth-Promoting Microbes on Growth, Flowering, and Oleanolic Acid Content in Calendula officinalis under Greenhouse Conditions

Pages 815-831

Ramy S. Nada; Mahmoud N.A. Soliman; Mostafa M. Zarad; Mohamed H. Sheta; Shakir Ullah; Alaa I.M. Abdel-Gawad; Ahmed H. Ghoneim; Ahmed A. Elateeq

Enhancing Crop Production: Unveiling the Role of Nanofertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture and Precision Nutrient Management

Pages 981-1007

Karen Ghazaryan; Divya Pandey; Sakshi Singh; Vahagn Varagyan; Athanasios Alexiou; Dimitrios Petropoulos; Athanasios Kriemadis; Vishnu D. Rajput; Tatiana Minkina; Rupesh Kumar Singh; João Ricardo Sousa; Sandeep Kumar; Hassan El-Ramady; Omkar Singh; Abhishek Singh

Efficiency Of Green Synthetic Silver And Iron Nanoparticles Of Acacia nilotica Pods Against Plant Pathogenic Bacteria And Land Snails

Pages 1033-1052

Mohamed Awad Abd-Elraheem; Mahmoud Abou-Alhmd Soliman; Ayman Said Bashandy; Waled Abd-Elhamed; Gamal Saleh Alfawal; Mohammed Ahmed Elshaer

Sustainable Agriculture as Influenced by Landform in Qena Governorate, Egypt

Pages 1121-1138

Mohamed Ahmed Elsaid Saeed; Ahmed Ibrahim El-Desoky; Yasser A. Sayed

Soil thematic mapping as the base for agricultural development in the Northwestern Coast, Egypt

Pages 1165-1178

ESSAM ELDINE M TEALAB; Kholoud M. Abdelmaksoud; Rafat Ramadan Ali; EL-Sayed I. Gaber

Foliar Application of Nano-NPK in Combination with Nano-Micronutrients for Growth, and Flowering of Tecoma stans L. Plants

Pages 1179-1191

Emam Nofal; Fardous Menesy; Walid M. Abd El-Hady; Eman G. Shehab; Hassan El-Ramady; József Prokisch

Effect of Nano-NPK and Nano-Chitosan Fertilizers on the Growth and Chemical Constituents of Philodendron sellum Plants

Pages 1193-1205

Emam Nofal; Fardous Menesy; Walid M. Abd El-Hady; Eman G. Shehab; Hassan El-Ramady; József Prokisch

Earthworms As An Emerging Biotechnological Intervention in the Mitigation of Microplastics

Pages 1219-1238

Aishwarya Sharma; Shailja Kumar; Abhishek Singh; Ragini Sharma; Vishnu D. Rajput; Hasmik S. Movsesyan; Tatiana Minkina; Rupesh Kumar Singh; Hassan El-Ramady; Karen Ghazaryan

Groundwater suitability for irrigation and domestic use applying CCME WQI model and GIS in East El-Owainat, Egypt

Pages 1239-1258

Ahmed Ali Abdelrhman; Saleh Dabaa; Yasser A. Sayed; Mohamed Kamal; El-Montser Seleem