Volume & Issue: Volume 64, Issue 2, June 2024 
Climate Change and the Possibility of Tea Production in the Egyptian Soils

Pages 373-383

Ayman ElGhamry; Ahmed Ali Mosa; Hassan Elramady; DINA A GHAZI; mohamed atef elsherpiny; amal abdelhafez helmy

Improved water use efficiency and yield of drip-irrigated pepper under full and deficit irrigation conditions

Pages 423-442

Mahmoud M. I. Mostafa; Ahmed H. M. Abd El-wahed; Saleh A. S. Hamad; Mohamed H. Sheta

Advancing Agricultural Resilience in Ararat Plain, Armenia: Utilizing Biogenic Nanoparticles and Biochar under Saline Environments to Optimize Food Security and Foster European Trade

Pages 459-483

Abhishek Singh; Gohar Margaryan; Anna Harutyunyan; Hasmik S. Movsesyan; Hrant Khachatryan; Vishnu D. Rajput; Tatiana Minkina; Athanasios Alexiou; Dimitrios Petropoulos; Athanasios Kriemadis; Hassan El-Ramady; Karen Ghazaryan

Does Exogenous Application of salicylic acid induce salt stress tolerance in potentially high-yielding modern wheat cultivars?

Pages 507-521

Zahida Parveen; Irfana Lalarukh; Sami A. Al Dhumri; Alveena Fatima Naqvi; Syeda Fasiha Amjad; Nouf Fakieh Alsayied; Mohammad Hazaimeh; Wasima B Alshammri; Muhammad Al Mutari; Fatima Alhussayni; Khalid M Al Rohily; Bader Z. Albogami; Mohamed H.H. Abbas; Ahmed Abdelhafez

Enhancing onion growth and yield quality via soil amendments and foliar nutrition under deficit irrigation

Pages 523-542

Ayman ElGhamry; Dina A Ghazi; mohamed atef elsherpiny; mohamed A Kassem; Amira Kassem; amal abdelhafez helmy

Response of Yield, Quality, and Bioactive Constituents of Green Onion to Foliar Spraying with Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract and Yeast Extract

Pages 543-560

Asaad H. Awad; Ahmed H.M. Abd El-Wahed; Ahmed A. Elateeq; Mahmoud M.I. Moustafa; Shakir Ullah; Mostafa M. Zarad; Ali S.A. Nofal; Saleh A.S. Hamad; Ramy S. Nada; Taghreed A.M.A. Badawi

Effect of Normal and Magnetized Gray Water on Growth, Mineral Hemostasis and Antioxidant Content in Zucchini (Cucurbita pepo L.)

Pages 561-580

Atif Moussa; Magdy Omar; Ahmed Gomaa Mancy; Abdelghafar Abu-Elsaoud; Ibrahim Ali; Ehab Azab; Amr Elkelish

Carbon Sequestration through Organic Amendments, Clay Mineralogy and Agronomic Practices: A Review

Pages 581-598

Singh Shivangi; Omkar Singh; Uday Pratap Shahi; Praveen Kumar Singh; Abhishek Singh; Vishnu D. Rajput; Tatiana Minkina; Hassan El-Ramady; Karen Ghazaryan

Additive-Mediated Phytoextraction of Copper-Contaminated Soils Using Medicago lupulina L.

Pages 599-618

Hasmik Vardumyan; Abhishek Singh; Vishnu D. Rajput; Tatiana Minkina; Hassan El-Ramady; Karen Ghazaryan

Response of Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth Transplants to Nano-NPK and Nano-Chitosan under Salinity Stress

Pages 661-672

Emam Nofal; Fardous Menesy; Samia Elbably; Manal Abd-El Rahman; Hassan El-Ramady; Joe Prokisch